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Is your inner critic holding you back from really thriving?

BodyTalk is for women who want to trade inner anxiety and animosity for somatic serenity.  This is not a workout; this is a work IN.

BodyTalk is an invitation to turn down the volume of your inner critic, embrace peace and self-acceptance, and rediscover your beauty and vitality in just 6 weeks through restorative movement and guided reflection.

Imagine 6 weeks from now, you've rewritten the old scripts of self-criticism and doubt. You've begun writing a new story where anxiety takes a backseat and you're center stage, glowing with self-compassion, confidence, and peace, ready to share your renewed spirit with the world.

Does this sound familiar?

Your inner critic is more of a Crossfit Coach than a Yoga teacher. When other people have needs or make mistakes, you're compassionate and dependable. But when you have needs or mess up? You can't seem to extend the same compassion to yourself.  The voice is harsh, not gentle.

Survival mode has left you feeling bored, uninspired, and unlike yourself. You're busy spinning all the plates in your life, trying to be what everyone needs you to be, but never quite feel like you measure up. There never seems to be enough leftover for you. You feel burned out and worn down by the demands of daily life... the never-ending laundry pile... the next meal to prep... another day of surface-level logistical conversations. 

You struggle with your feelings about your body. You constantly compare yourself to other people (and previous versions of yourself) and even though you support "self-love" for other people, it's not a functional reality in your life. 

You're no stranger to anxiety- that kind of non-specific free-floating dread. The "Sunday Scaries." Your mind revs like a hot engine, preparing to meet the stress ready to bombard
 you, but it leaves you feeling exhausted and restless. 

You're frustrated with trying to conquer old habits (still) or establish new ones; you're not succeeding the way you'd like to, even though you're trying. You feel like you're the problem. You've said on more than one occasion, "If only i could get my act together." 

Is this you?

You can...

Learn how to be kinder to yourself... to befriend instead of berate. 

Feel more confident, uninhibited, and self-assured of your beauty. You can feel emboldened with a red lip energy, ready to reenter the dating scene with swagger or to bring your newfound spark to your relationship.

Feel more peace with your body now, refusing to withhold your own approval until you reach an elusive "ideal body." You can feel more Lizzo than listless. 

Trade your "Sunday Scaries" for a soulful and sensual practice of self-expression. You can have a practice that lowers your stress and fills you up, so you have more energy to follow through on new habits.

Feel empowered to take new risks, refusing to let anxiety hold you back. You've learned how to clear the rocks from your own path. 

Learn how to care for yourself in survival mode - how to move from anxious and hiding to flourishing and thriving.

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