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You're Stronger Than You Know

This is like HelloFresh for your muscles.

I've programmed the meals for the next month. I've assembled all the ingredients. Picked out all the seasonings. I've even outlined which days I'd suggest each meal, without the rigidity that might make you feel "behind."

To put it plainly: here are three full body strength workouts you can do from home, along with twelve unique playlists to accompany your lifts for the next four weeks.

The goal is hypertrophy, with a focus on unilateral work... which is nerd speak for growing muscles and single sided movements.

The playlists in the PDF are clickable and link to curated Spotify playlists I've made. I highly recommend getting Spotify Premium for the month. It's well worth the investment to go without ad interruptions.

On the musical menu for this month:

Ultimate Girl Bands

Ultimate Sampled Strength

Ultimate Bey Day - Vol 1

Ultimate Peach Playlist

Ultimate 2023 Playlist

Ultimate Divas

Ultimate Pitbull

Ultimate Dua Lipa Lift

Pure Motivation Playlist

Get Amped: Ladies Edition

Sweatin With Sheeran

Britney vs. Xtina

As always, this is a free resource and we strongly urge you to consult a trusted medical professional before implementing a new exercise plan. By downloading this resource, you do so at your own risk.

Side effects may include: muscle definition, increased self-esteem, and overall feelings of badassery.

Download Strictly Strength by @DanceWithDre below.

Strictly Strength_Module2_DancewithDre
Download PDF • 2.58MB


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