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The Beat-Driven Body Blueprint

Do you love 90s/2000s music but hate lifting weights? We help women move from uncomfortable selfies to unstoppable strength through our signature playlist power dance and strength training process. 

Your mission - should you choose to accept it - is to complete 48 strength workouts in 24 action-packed weeks.


Let loose your inner dancer to dancer-designed cardio workouts and discover muscles you've never known before through strategic strength design.

Imagine yourself after six months, confidently living in your own skin,  enjoying lifting, feeling connected and alive through the joy of dance, proud of all your body can do that you never knew was possible. The swagger in your step isn't just from the music—it's from the daily victories and newfound power you've unleashed. 

Your days of having to figure it out on your own are over. 

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Is this you?​​

  • You want to see more muscle definition but you feel intimidated by weight lifting & don't really know where to start.​​

  • You're tired of feeling uncomfortable in your body, untagging yourself from photos, or just not feeling fit. You're not "putting yourself out there" the way you would if you felt better about your body.


  • You're tired of fighting with yourself at your lack of progress. You want to follow through, but you're not sure if you have what it takes.

  • You want to workout more but hate enduring workouts with bad, generic music.

You shouldn't feel like a failure for not following through on a joyless, random HIIT workout set to a bad music.

You can do anything to a good playlist.

You can have:

  • Muscle definition you've never seen before, and a newfound sense of accomplishment.

  • Playlists to look forward to & workouts with so much variety that you'll never be bored

  • A strategic, proven process to follow - instead of doing random HIIT workouts or trying to figure it out on your own.​​

  • Confidence to know what to do when you walk into a gym


  • Peace of mind knowing you won't be in the same spot three months from now. You have support from a real person, enlisted to ensure your success.


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Hi, I'm Dre.

Dancer, choreographer, strength enthusiast, & 90s-obsessed DJ.

I'd say I'm equal parts Tina Fey & Britney Spears (okay, maybe 70/30%). For the past 3 years, I’ve helped women discover their strength, ditch workout dread, and change their body composition my signature Beat-Driven Body Blueprint workout program. 

I'm far from your average fitness influencer; I'm someone who's danced beside industry giants, yet remained anchored in an undeniable truth: strength has no size. With a significant YouTube following and recognition from dance fitness leaders (The Fitness Marshall, Jessica Bass James), my mission has been clear: to integrate the joy of dance and music with the power of strength training, cultivating a personal fitness routine that elicits joy, progress, and self-love.


My approach has always been more about honesty than aesthetics, showing that strength isn't a size, it’s a state of being. And dancer bodies? They come in all sizes.


I decided to design a program for people like me -  people who like dancing but don't know where to start with weights. People for whom music is not an after-thought; it's everything. And the results have been amazing (more on that below). 


My favorite thing to do is to show women how strong, beautiful, and capable they are. It's addicting. 

So if you're here for some authentic, vulnerable, mildly-amusing to occasionally-unhinged humor while you workout, welcome. I made this just for you. 

The Beat-Driven Body Blueprint

A roadmap to success for the music-obsessed.

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If you don't know if you have what it takes, I do.​ Because I've been you. And I've coached other women through this program before.

  • You can feel more confident & comfortable in your own skin, ready to re-enter the dating scene or letting yourself be tagged in photos at your next girls trip.

  • You can outsource some of your motivation & accountability, instead of having all of it rest on your shoulders. You can have one less decision to make!

  • You can have a resource of support while you're busy supporting everyone else. J-Lo is not J-Lo on her own. You deserve a team.

  • You can have a place to follow instead of lead (yes please!). Our signature process is strategically designed and more efficient than doing random HIIT workouts for years that lead to nowhere. We have a strategic roadmap to keep you from wandering in circles.

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What They Say

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You can go it alone or you can decide to do it differently this time.
The choice is yours. Are you ready to do this thing?


Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment is required?

Phase 1 (Weeks 1-4) uses 3 pound dumbbells and a circle "booty band" available on Amazon HERE. Phase 2 (Weeks 5-8) uses 10 pound dumbbells. Phase 3 (Weeks 9-12) uses the 10 pound dumbbells (higher sets and reps) but having a higher set of dumbbells available (12-15 pounds) is highly recommended for certain exercises. Equipment is sold separately. 

How long do I have access to the program?

Once the program is paid for (either paid in full or after six monthly payments), it's yours indefinitely! If you choose a 3 month accountability plan, you'll have access during those 3 months with the option to purchase the next 3 months for only $97.

Mission Completed Challenge

Complete 48 strength workouts within 24 weeks and you'll be gifted the second six months of content for free.

How do I watch it?

On your computer, laptop, iPad, or smartphone. Every person who enrolls gets access to a 15 minute onboarding call to make sure you know where everything is and to answer any questions you may have.  

How much does it cost?

We have different pricing options to fit your needs and desired level of support. You can find out more on our pricing page HERE. If you aren't already on our email list, subscribe here for exclusive email-only discounts.

Have any questions not answered here? Email dre @ dancewithdre . com

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